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The rest of this incident is too awkward to record,
but Lucious did put his pants back on.
Blah blah blah 
11th-Aug-2009 01:04 am
Yay!! Activity in the comm!! I was getting the urge to write recently, so maybe a we can do a proper getting together prompting thing at some point?

I don't usually check the comm so I almost missed these recent posts... Going through the entries though made me realize how annoying this layout is.... does anyone else agree? Why are the entries to frickin narrow! I was thinking maybe I'd finish up a layout and apply it here? Does anyone mind? or perhaps have another layout in mind... mine might take a bit.

Angela mentioned doing the characterizations bit I posted about a long time ago and we never ended up doing.... that'd be fun. I dont know how to get everyone together on that. Maybe we could try that one online. Like someone makes a prompt post, and people comment their characterizations to it there. For instance, each characterization would have its one comment and therefore number. Then randomly people have to pick/be assigned numbers and then they can be assigned that way. I dont know! what do you guys think?

I may write some later of the prompts here later... as now it is late.
11th-Aug-2009 04:54 pm (UTC)
I'm all about changing the layout too :D. and doing the characterizations would be cool.
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