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still lost and confused though slightly less so

 Chronicles of extreme adventures of The Vector: volume 2

So as a superhero, I needed a cool getup so I have this super-awesome red cape with gold embroidery around the edges. I thought of tattooing a blue arrow on my head and down my back and hands to hint at my power but someone told me that one was taken (who knew). Instead, I have a gold arrow on my black t-shirt (fabric painted on by yours truly).

Going about and actually finding crime to fight is another matter, I’d have no idea where to start, though my ghetto high school is probably a good place to start. My powers could help…I think.

I’m like a Jedi, except the only part of the force I can use is the force push. As in, I can force things away from me, at least that’s how it started. I’m getting better at manipulating it more. I can send forces of small strength out of my hands (which so far includes knocking soda cans off the table for practice tee hee). It got more powerful though. I can throw large objects for large distances, especially if I’m in a panic (helpful against attackers in the future methinks).  Velocity is good too. I made my bike go as fast as a car (scary: do not try), and slowed down the car to go as fast as a bike (I freaked out the driver, but they almost hit me on my bike so I needed them to slow down so they could see me flip them off).

When I learned displacement, that’s what really freaked me out. I teleported…and it was frickin scary. Basically I was thinking of how far away the kitchen was (it is seriously like two steps away from my armchair) but I was very comfy and did not want to move. Next thing I knew, I was standing in the kitchen. All the colors blurred and I felt a rush like wind was blowing on every side, and I was in a curled up position 2 feet off the ground, in the kitchen.

My parents were very worried when they heard the scream and the thump (I was not fast enough to unfreeze and thusly fell and that was unpleasant). I told them I saw a mouse and fell over with shock (they believed me! I’m not that lame!).

I have to think of my displacement in a straight line and I can only do it over short distances but soon I’ll be an apparating badass.

I figure I can stop bullets either by slowing them down absurdly or applying a force to make them swerve (I don’t have the power to stop them completely using force...yet). And then there’s the whole blasting people away, that’ll be sweet. Excellent.

Also my weapon of choice is a spear, which is actually a vector pretending to be a spear. That’s right, I have a vector, and it appears and disappears, as it’s needed (growing long or short depending on necessary magnitude). I can fly on it like a broomstick, pointing the arrow in the direction of my choice, for of course vectors must have a direction.
i hope you all enjoyed my power babbling :) 


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