August 26th, 2009

  • tissue2

the bunny brigade

 The White Rabbit pulled out his pocket watch nervously. The brigade should have arrived by now and he did not tolerate lateness. Not that he had ever had trouble with his small squad of black-clothed, fiendish, swashbuckling she-ninjas. Rarely were they more than five seconds late. 
No sooner had the second hand ticked the fifth second when his large sensitive ears swiveled around behind him, and his eyes followed to find the brigade in a perfectly straight line behind him, swords at the ready. 
"Sorry we're late," they chanted as one.
"Well?" asked the White Rabbit impatiently, "Were you successful?"
The White Rabbit hesitated. Then his eyes widened. "That just doesn't make any sense at all! Now people will just be confused!"
"We apologize," they chanted, but the White Rabbit had already turned his back on them and was stalking off.
So they hadn't convinced. Or rather had halfway convinced him. 
Ridiculous! he thought as he hopped through a well-concealed hole in the ground. So the content would not be changed. Rubbish!
The title had changed, but that was useless if Tim didn't concede to the rest of his demands! The movie would indeed be called "Alice in Wonderland," and not, "The Mad Hatter in Wonderland."

lulz, this is just a silly, i can't get my thinking cap in full gear right now