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Writing ideas

Ok, so I think it is time we had a writing event. Either some one can start a story here in a post that will be continued in the comments or we can try something completely new!

As for something completely new an idea occurred to me while I was watching a movie today. We could do a character driven writing thing instead of a prompt driven one. Here is what I mean:

1.Every person would come up with a handful of characterizations, maybe three or four. (Ex: Has a fear of large red suitcases, or always enters a room with their left foot, or was accidentally mistaken for a girl at birth and thus now has a certain affinity for the color pink; I think you get my drift)

2. Everyone puts all the characterizations together so that there are at least twenty or so characteristics

3. Either randomly or by choice each person gets three or four of the chosen characteristics that they then incorporate into a single character.

4. Everyone writes something small or long with said character.

The pieces wouldn't have to specifically use each characteristic but they are used to shape the character. I'm not sure how this would actually work, whether here as a post or in real life but I thought I'd share it and see what everyone else thought. Also, if any of you have any ideas for other writing prompts or whatever feel free to share them! we could also apply this kind of idea to a setting rather than a character where the piece would take place (maybe even both!).

I hope you guys see this, I'm not sure if any of the members here actually watch the community!
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